Pilot Plant

Chemistry Capabilities

Our Pilot Scale capabilities serve as a critical steppingstone between our laboratory development and commercial production. Our team of scientists and engineers at the pilot plant, with the infrastructure available to them, are able to bridge the gap between laboratory and commercial production very effectively.

At YASH, our experienced team refines and validates processes at Pilot Scale, ensuring their viability for larger production volumes. We optimise reaction conditions, fine-tune parameters, and assess scalability to pave the way for successful commercialisation.

Operating in controlled environments with advanced equipment, our Pilot Scale facilities replicate the conditions required for commercial production. We analyse data, make informed decisions, and prioritise safety and regulatory compliance throughout the process.

Collaborate with us during the Pilot Scale phase to unlock the potential of your innovations and accelerate their journey to commercial success. Together, we can bridge the gap and bring your ideas to life on a larger scale.

  • Sulfonation
  • Nitration
  • Acylation
  • O-Methylation
  • Esterification
  • Hydrogenation
  • Carboxylation  / Decarboxylation
  • Hyrolysis Reaction
  • Diazotization
  • Rearrangment Reaction
  • bamberger rearrangement
  • Acid and Base catalysed Rearragement reaction
  • Isomerization reaction
  • Acid Catalysed Displacement reaction
  • Vilsmieir haack Reaction
  • Reductive alkylation
  • Deamination reaction
  • Ammonolysis
  • Condensation Reaction
  • Multistep synthesis
  • Sandmayer Reaction
  • Oxidation
  • Aromatization reaction
  • Cracking/Pyrolysis
  • Halogenation (expect Fluorination)
  • Meerwein Reaction
  • Alkali Fusion
  • Retro Diels Alder reaction

Operational Expertise

  • Solid/Liquid product fractional Distillation
  • High Pressure Reactions
  • Crystallization
  • Filtration & Drying
  • Thermal Retro-Diels-Alder reaction
  • Multistep synthesis Reaction


Equipment Facilities at Pilot Plant

Equipment MOC Capacity range No. available in the range
Glass Line Reactor Glass Line 500L – 1500L 2
Reactor SS-316 100L – 2000L 9
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer SS-316 100L – 500L 2
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Hastelloy 150L 2
High Pressure Autoclave Reactors SS-316 2L - 600L 4
Loop Reactor SS-316 120L 1
Autoclave Reactor Hastelloy 120L 1
Fractional Distillation Unit with 6m Net mesh packing SS-316 1200L 2
Crystallizer SS-304 300L 1
Rotary Vacuum Pedal Dryer SS-316 50L-300L 2
Flaker SS-316 Rate of 100Kg/hr 1

Utility & Control Facilities at Pilot Plant

Utility and Facility Specification
PLC System for Process Operation Yes
Thermic Fluid Heater 4 Lakh Kcal/hr (270°C max Temp.)
Cooling Tower 120-300 TR
Chilling Plant 4 TR with Temperature -10°C (-5°C min)
Vacuum Pump with Booster 755 mmHg
Water Ejector with Booster 755 mmHg
Steam Cushion 5KL
Hot Water System 500L
Air Compressor for Operation 4 Kg/cm2, 2 stage, 30 Cfm, 750 Rpm
Vent Gas Scrubbing System 3KL
Primary Treatment for Effluent Neutralization Facility
Member of CETP Yes
Back-up Power D.G Set