Reactor Capacities

With our smallest reactor at 500 litres and our largest reactors are 35,000 litres, we offer unparalleled flexibility in production volumes.

Our combined glass lined reactor capacities exceeds 370,000 litres, Stainless steel reactor capacity exceeds 500,000 litres and other reactor capacity exceeding 100,000 litres.

Specific Reactors

We have specific reactors designed for specialized reactions. For gas-liquid reactions, we have gas induction reactors. To facilitate gas-solid reactions, we have a high shear reactor. We have specially designed glass lined autoclave to carry out pressure reactions under acidic condition.

Distillation Columns

All our distillation columns have the capability to operate under vacuum. Our distillation set up includes columns with structured packing, which enables efficient separation and purification.

Filtration and Drying

We have state of the art filtration and drying equipment which can filter and dry under closed conditions with safety and efficiency. Our equipment includes Agitated Nutsche filters, Agitated Nutsche filter dryers, centrifuges, Vacuum paddle dryers etc.

Purification by Melt-Crystallization

We have designed & manufactured the equipment and mastered the process of Melt crystallization. This rarely used process allows us to separate and achieve very low impurity levels for very close boiling components.

Material of Construction

To ensure the ability to handle a wide variety chemical, we have equipment which are made of various materials. In addition to glass lined and stainless steel equipment, we have equipment which are made of Hastelloy, graphite, PTFE lined, rubber lined etc.


The operating range of temperature and pressure allows us to carry out a very wide range of processes. We can operate between temperatures of  -200 C to 2300C and pressure from full vacuum to 40 bar.

Waste Management infrastructure

We have in-house capability to purify and recycle solvents. Several multiple effect evaporators allows us to separate salts from our waste water stream. This is followed by novel biological treatment process aided by ozonation to ensure the minimum COD and BOD in our waste water stream.

Quality Control

Since we manage a wide range of chemistries, it is only natural to have extensive quality control infrastructure. High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Head space Gas chromatography, FTIR, ICP, Colometry, auto-titrator etc. are some of the advanced equipment that we have in-house. These equipment helps us in delivering right quality of product for our customers.