Equipment MOC Capacity range No. available in the range
Glass Line Reactor Glass Line 500L – 1500L 2
Reactor SS-316 100L – 2000L 9
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer SS-316 100L – 500L 2
Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Hastelloy 150L 2
High Pressure Autoclave Reactors SS-316 2L – 600L 4
Loop Reactor SS-316 120L 1
Autoclave Reactor Hastelloy 120L 1
Fractional Distillation Unit with 6m Net mesh packing SS-316 1200L 2
Crystallizer SS-304 300L 1
Rotary Vacuum Pedal Dryer SS-316 50L-300L 2
Flaker SS-316 Rate of 100Kg/hr 1