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   Yashashvi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd.
  - 4- Amino Benzonitrile
  - 2, 6 Xylidine
  - Ortho Phenoxy Aniline
  - 2,3 Dichloro Phenol
  - 2,5 Dichloro Aniline
  - 2,5 Dichloro Phenol
  - 3-Chloro Phenol
  - Para Chloro Aniline
  - Para Chloro Aniline Hydrochloride
  - 4-Nitrobenzonitrile
  - Chlorhexidien Base
  - 2,3 Dichloro Aniline
  - 2,4,5 Trichloro Aniline
  - Sodium Valproate
  - 2,5-Xylidine
  - 2, 4 Xylidine
  - Sodium Naphthionate
  - 1-Naphthylamine
   HL Engineers
  - Agitated Filter & FilterDryer
  - Rotary Vaccum PaddleDryer
  - Special Metal Equipment
  - Crystallizer Purifier
   Core Skills at Yash Rasyan
Our Core Skills at Yash Rasayan are in following Chemical Reactions:
 Kolbe-Schmidt Reaction
 Beechamp Reduction Process
 Sandmayer Reaction
 Diazotization & Hydrolysis
 Friedel-Craft Reaction
  Core Skills at Yash Rasyan
Our Core Skills at Yash Rasayan are in following Chemical Reactions:
 Kolbe-Schmidt Reaction
 Beechamp Reduction Process
 Sandmayer Reaction
 Diazotization & Hydrolysis
 Friedel-Craft Reaction
  Laboratory Facility at Yash Rasayan
 Well equipped independent Laboratory facility has been created At Yash Rasayn, which works as independent SBU.
 At Yash Rasayan Laboratory has 1350 sq. feet area.
 It has six working stations including a separate fume chamber.
 It has all necessary utilities & required glass wares.

 The Analytical laboratory has Gas Chromatography (GC) & High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) Instruments. For additional testing requirement Yash Rasayn has tied up with SICART which has all necessary sophisticated testing instruments.

 List of Instruments facility Available at SICART
- Instrument Name
- Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
- Transmission Electron Microscope
- X-Ray Diffractometer
- Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
- UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer
- FTIR Spectrometer
- Gas Chromatography
- High Performance Liquid Chromatography
- Elemental Analyzer
- Universal Testing Machine
- GC-MS etc.
  Pilot Trial Facility at Yash Rasayan
 Yash Rasayan Pilot Plant facility is capable of handling Processes from Kilo to Tonne scale.
 Pilot plant is installed in 4000 sq. feet floor area.
 Yash Rasayan Processes Involves
- Monitoring & Troubleshooting
- De-bottlenecking
- Developing Process Designs
- Optimization of Plant Capabilities
- Minimizing Energy Inputs etc.
 Process Hazard Analysis.

 Analytical data of each compound is provided to support our claim of high purity products.

Yash Rasayan has following Pilot equipments:
  Equipment   Capacity   MOC   Quantity
  Glass Lined  500 Lit MSGL 2 Nos
  Vessel 1100 Lit HDPE 1 No.
  Conical Bottom 1000 Lit SS 1 No.
  Reactor 800 Lit MS 1 No.
  Reactor 2500 Lit MS 1 No.
  Autoclave 1300 Lit, 35 Kg/cm2 SS 1 No.
  Autoclave 2 Lit SS 1 No.
  Autoclave 5 Lit SS 1 No.
  Autoclave 20 Lit SS 1 No.
  Autoclave 50 Lit SS 1 No.
  Distillation Column (200 mm D X 6300 mm H, Packing Height 5800 mm) SS 1 No.
  Agitated Filter Dryer, Solid
170 Lit (Cake Vol 70 Lit) Hast-C 1 No.
  Agitated Filter Dryer, Hollow   Shaft 750 Lit (Cake Vol-150 Lit) SS316 1 No.
  Rotary Vacuum Dryer 400 Lit SS316 1 No.

Yash Rasayan Pilot plant has its dedicated utility section equipped with air compressor, vacuum pumps, steam ejector, steam cushion, chilling plant, thermic fluid heating system & cooling tower.

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