Yashashvi Rasayan - Manufacturer and distributor of 4-chloroaniline, dichloroaniline, dichlorophenol, chlorophenol, 2,3 dichlorophenol, 2,5 dichlorophenol, Chlorhexidine, 4-hydroxy benzonitrile, Meta chlorophenol, resorcylic acid.

» Manufacturers of Betahydroxy Naphthoic Acid (BonAcid).

Newpar Aromatics Pvt. Ltd, a Patel group company, was established in 1986 to produce BON Acid (Beta Hydroxy Naphthoic Acid)with present production capacity of 2000 TPA



Patel Group has promoted technical education wing for secondary school in a small village, Satem, in Gujarat. 100 students get secondary education in this wing every year.


2,Hydroxy -3 Naphthoic Acid
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2 - Chloroaniline

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Patel Group - Manufacturer and distributor of Parachloroaniline, dichloroaniline,  dichlorophenol, Chlorhexidine, cyanophenol, meta chlorophenol, resorcylic acid.